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About Us
Development and History of the National Body
New Zealand is divided into 12 regions under a Liaison Officer. They are kept in touch with other members and international happenings through the Leather Artisan. A resource centre in Hamilton hires out books, videos etc on request. The Association is affiliated with the International Federation of Leather Guilds (USA) International Internet Leathercrafters Guild (USA) Guilds in Australia, USA, Germany, South Africa, Taiwan and Europe are affiliated. Development and history of the national body. The Association was formed in April 1982 with the aim of uniting craft workers in leather and promoting the craft in New Zealand and internationally. Some members have had considerable success in competition both within New Zealand and in overseas-international exhibitions.
Mission Statement
To unite leatherworkers throughout New Zealand and the world and provide a link between them - giving information especially about leathercraft
Criteria for membership
An interest in the presentation of leather and art and craft.
Membership fee
Family $50.00 - Adults $35.00 - Students $25.00
What you get
Access to all workshops. Hire of videos, books etc and receive four issues of the "Leather Artisan"
The "LEATHER ARTISAN" is published quarterly and presents members news, reports, comments, profiles, feature articles, educational information and more.
Organisation Focus
The Association unites members providing a link and giving leatherworkers an opportunity to tap into a source of information especially dealing with their craft, and is dedicated to the preservation of leather craft and leather art. It publishes articles about techniques in the "Leather Artisan" to help those who do not attend workshops. It promotes the craft and it is a window through which the leather movement is seen by the rest of the industry in New Zealand and elsewhere. The "Leather Artisan" truly is a forum for all people involved in leather and its crafts and each reader's opinions, criticisms and suggestions are valued. The importance of the magazine cannot be over emphasised.